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Read Here about the step by step progression from work based learning opportunity to paid employment for a North Wasco YTP participant!

The Zarrow Center on Learning Enrichment at The University of Oklahoma has sent out a request to participate in a survey being conducted by Eliza Jex (graduate student) and Bob Morgan (PhD and professor) from Utah State University.  The purpose of this survey is to identify how transition level special education teachers use various formal and informal transition assessments, for the purpose of effective transition planning for their students. 

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Baker City     (Eastern Or)                October 17th

Transition skills and academic skills can be taught simultaneously. With this tool (use link below for more information, download a PDF, and access an informational website), the authors aligned Common Core College and Career Readiness Standards, Common Core Language Arts Standards, and research-identified skills students need to obtain employment or participate in further education after high school. The activities and annual transition goals are arranged on a continuum to accommodate students with the least support needs to students with more support needs.

Following the introduction of a temporary Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) data collection system during an online (ZOOM) Community of Practice Meeting held 9/13/2017, YTP practitioners and other Pre-ETS data collectors will use the link posted below (or click HERE!) for Federal Q1 and Q2 Pre-ETS data collection which officially began at close

On 9/5/2017, Toni DePeel, Pre-ETS Coordinator in the NW Region of Oregon, released a one page fact sheet Pre-ETS. The link associated with this news release will allow you to access the document posted as a PDF. In addition, a second Fact Sheet with Nicole Perdue's information is also located there. Nicole is the Pre-ETS Coordinator in the Central Oregon Region.

SELCO Community Credit Union awards grants of up to $1,000 to K-12 educators in the communities they serve. SELCO loves projects that spark something new and want to see proposals for helping kids create and teachers innovate.

To learn more about these grants and how to apply, click HERE!

A photo essay of this celebration can be found HERE!

A group of 15 students recently celebrated completion of a seven week paid work experience program in Lincoln County School District.
The students ranged in age from 16 to 21, and all finished seven weeks of paid work in an individual community job through Lincoln County Schools’ “Summer Work Employment Experience Training,” or SWEET.

The goal is to develop a work experience program that increases job opportunities for young people with disabilities. Applicants must demonstrate a sustainable summer work experience program that supports student employment and higher education preparation as well as community engagement. The funds are available on a rolling basis from the date of the posting for the solicitation (4/25/2017) until the closing of the opportunity on 12/31/2018.