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The purpose of the YTP is to prepare students with disabilities for employment or career related postsecondary education or training through the provision of a comprehensive array of pre-employment transition services and supports. The video below gives you a basic overview of YTP.


Hello all YTP community members,
We are very disappointed to inform you that our Community of Practice call for Monday June 8th  at 2:00 pm is cancelled. We found out that our presenter is not available on very short notice and are unable to find a replacement in time for Monday. 

The safety of students who attend SWIFT is our number one priority. We’re doing our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus through physical/social distancing measures.
To support the health of our community, we cancelled the in person SWIFT 2020 residential program because we cannot ensure physical/social distancing.  After the meeting with SWIFT participants to assess their needs, we will bring you more detailed information about what will be offered virtually during the summer of 2020.

A recent article by David Test, PhD and Catherine Fowler, PhD takes a critical look at Transition and Data Collection. Click on the link below to access the full article.

The MI Basic training program consists of a three-day introduction to the core processes and skills utilized in MI followed by a month of time to practice those skills.  The training is completed with a one-day training to consolidate the learning and make plans for future skill development. Learners are encouraged from the start to assume responsibility for their learning and to become better stewards of their skills and their practice.

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