2018 YTP Summer Academy Content Update! Still Time To Register!

The 2018 YTP Summer Academy will be held at Cedar Ridge Camp in Vernonia! If you haven’t already registered, please do so HERE!
The overall theme of Summer Academy will be focused on Job Development Strategies that result in Competitive, Integrated Employment (CIE).
How would Job Development be defined in the context of YTP and the 2018 Summer Academy?
Job Development is: Preparing a person for competitive, integrated employment by using their preferences, interests, needs and strengths (PINS) so they can make a living and expand their independence as adults.
Summer Academy Planners are trying to get ALL participants to deeply consider how THEY or THEIR ROLE contributes to Job Development as defined above.
As a result, Planners are focusing on 4 primary objectives:
  1. Participants learn about Job Development in the context of IDEA and WIOA;
  2. Participants learn how we ALL contribute to Job Development;
  3. Participants learn Job Development Strategies, Styles, and the necessary supports they need to be effective Job Developers. And, finally;
  4. Participants (Local YTP Teams) become more confident at doing Job Development. 
Summer Academy Planners are focused on ALL content:
  1. Being as INTERACTIVE as possible;
  2. Being as PRACTICAL as possible (i.e. strategies to take home and try)
  3. Being as INCLUSIVE as possible (i.e. how are young adults with disabilities potentially INCLUDED?)
  4. Being designed to explore how you, as an attendee and practitioner, contribute to creating a PATHWAY towards CIE?

If you have questions, please contact:

Jesse Berkey

Mary Jo Erickson

Peter FitzGerald

Mike Johnson