Intelligent Lives Project: Films and Discussion Guides on Transition


INTELLIGENT LIVES project invite you watch and share four short films by Dan Habib (creator of Including Samuel and Who Cares About Kelsey?). Habib is a filmmaker at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. Each film is accompanied by a discussion guide, and can be viewed at

The films (16-18 minutes long) focus on effective practices to help youth with disabilities successfully transition from secondary school to postsecondary education and employment, including:

·     Student-led IEPs

·     Self-determination strategies and leadership development

·     In-school and community based opportunities for entrepreneurship development, work opportunities and college/career counseling

·     Interagency collaboration between schools, vocational rehabilitation, area agencies, post-secondary schools, etc.

·     Family involvement and support for high expectations

·     Higher education opportunities and supports

·     Cultural and linguistic competence embedded into transition services

Use these films and discussion guides in your schools and communities to open doors to college and careers for students with disabilities! •

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