Motivational Interviewing Basic- Introductory Training Offered

The MI Basic training program consists of a three-day introduction to the core processes and skills utilized in MI followed by a month of time to practice those skills.  The training is completed with a one-day training to consolidate the learning and make plans for future skill development. Learners are encouraged from the start to assume responsibility for their learning and to become better stewards of their skills and their practice. During the introduction, learners are invited to experience the MI spirit, processes, and core skills. Through structured learning opportunities, learners practice, observe, and reflect on the use of MI to facilitate client growth and movement forward. Learners leave the training with an individualized learning plan along with structured practice activities and encouragement to practice.  The third day of training includes additional practice, opportunities for feedback, further observation, and the development of an updated learning plan focused on ongoing learning. PDU/CRC credit: 21
Date: Tuesday and Wednesday April 9th & 10th 2019 and a month later Tuesday May 14, 2019
Location: Woodburn, Oregon.
Trainers: MINT Member Heather Lynch & MI Mentor Andrea Rogers  To register go to: