Outstanding YTP Student Stories

The stories associated with this section were submitted by various YTP sites around the State of Oregon. These extraordinary stories serve several purposes:

  1. Each story allows other YTP practitioners around the State to consider the circumstances in the story as they seek similar students with similar qualities to join THEIR programs.
  2. Each story attempts to showcase the collaborative nature of YTP services. It truly takes a team to create positive outcomes. In some cases it is the Transition Specialist and the Student relationship. In other scenarios it is the partnership between the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, the Student, and the Transition Specialist. Often a local Community College or Training Program is involved. And, in other cases, an employer is fully engaged in creating a positive outcome. Sometimes it is ALL of these factors combined!
  3. Finally, these stories demonstrate what is possible in terms of excellent transition outcomes created by a unique and exemplary pattern of transition services to other visitors to the YTP Web Site.

Should you have questions about any of these stories, use the clickable YTP map located on the web site to contact YTP sites that these outstanding students represent or utilize the "Submit a Question?" form located in the "Resources" section of the web site.