Portland Public Schools

This site is contracted to serve 60 students during the 19-21 biennium.
There are three transition specialists assigned to this site:
Tamarind Arnold (serving Franklin High School and Madison High School): tarnold2@pps.net
Emily Newton (serving Grant High School and Alliance High School at Meek): enewton@pps.net
Kia Swain (serving Benson Polytechnic High School and Roosevelt High School): kswain@pps.net
Grant High School has recently launched an AWESOME Student Run Business. See the link below to watch a short video about this entrepreneurial venture! Connected to this business is also the Grant High School Principal's Newsletter which showcases the business when it was presented at the 2018 Oregon Statewide Transition Conference (see pages 4-6). See additional link below as well.
Additionally attached are two documents created by Vocational Transition Specialist, Josh Levine. One is a Vocational Portfolio Document and the other is a College/Trade School Portfolio. Other YTP Practitioners may find these documents useful. If you have questions about how Josh uses these documents you may contact him HERE!
During the Summer of 2018, Portland Public School's YTP, using RFA 4448 funding, created a Summer Work Experience titled "PPS-YTP & Village Gardens Summer Work Experience". To see a gallery of photos click on this link: PPS-YTP & Village Gardens Summer Work Experience Photo Gallery
In October, 2018, PPS YTP Staff and other PPS Staff collaborated on an industry tour at Cognitive Surplus. Click HERE to read more about this collaborative Pre-ETS Activity!
In November, 2018, Patti Downing organized an industry tour at Microchip in Portland, Oregon. Microchip is the 3rd largest producer of microprocessor chips in the world. The tour group photo (the group fetchingly dressed in clean room attire) is posted below.
This very active YTP site also did an Industry Tour in December, 2018, to Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). They are the very first High School Transition Program to be hosted by OHSU! The tour consisted of 29 Roosevelt High School students and 1 student from Grant High School. The group also learned (they learned many things, this was one of many highlights) about the UCEDD (University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities) Summer Internship Program.
Additional information from this visit:

Ms. Rhonda Eppelsheimer (UCEDD, Co-Director) shared with us her personal story of living with a disability. She encouraged and inspired our students to not view themselves as incapable, but understand that they are capable of achieving their goals. This was truly inspirational!
Other things learned during this tour:

  1.  Internships and high school partnerships at OHSU- The group learned about Discovery Careers (Partnership with Franklin, Benson, Madison, Jefferson, Wilson, Woodburn and Madras High Schools), Job Shadows with Pediatricians and Rehab Therapy (Requires application, immunization verification and permission form from parents), Dental Explorers, Care Program (8-10 wk paid internship over 2 Summers), and Saturday Academy (STEM Careers, 15-20 spots, paid internships).  For more info, contact shugerma@ohsu.edu.
  2. Healthcare Volunteer Programs- Students as young as 14 yrs of age can volunteer at OHSU.  Their are two placements for this age group. One is a hospital guide and Doernbecher art cart. Requirements are online application, attend an orientation, interview and complete compliance/assignment specific trainings.
  3. OHSU Ability Employee Resource Group and Physical Access Committee- Students learned from Ian Jaquiss that OHSU places an emphasis on learning how to offer accommodations for individuals with disabilities across the healthcare spectrum. Mr. Jaquiss shared his personal story of living with a disability with our students.  He encouraged students to see beyond their limitations with much laughter.  Students laughed and learned from Mr. Ian Jaquiss.
  4. OHSU Job Carving Program- OHSU has hired 24 employees thus far within this program.  The group learned about Support Services Aide (SSA) 1 and SSA 2 positions. Additionally, Ms. Salonen announced that these positions will be coming available for the School of Dentistry very soon!  
  5. Career as an Environmental Services Technician or Support Services Aide- The group had an opportunity to hear a first-hand from 2 SSA's, Bryan Mendesdacosta and Nathan Richardson.  They shared their individual journey of disability, independence and self-discovery.  They learned how OHSU's job carving program has allowed both gentlemen to excel within OHSU and reach their individual goals. Both of their personal testimonies were heartwarming. 
  6. Career in the Sterile Processing- High School students with 1 yr of work experience can apply for this position. OHSU is willing to work with a students schedule.  

All employment and internship information can be found at www.ohsujobs.com
The PPS group is extremely grateful and appreciate the time and care that was extended to transition age students from Roosevelt and Grant.  Ms. Riikka Salonen (Program Manager, Talent/Acquisition, Human Resource), Rhonda Eppelsheimer (Co-Director, UCEDD and Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics, Institute on Development & Disability), Susan Shugerman (Associate Vice Provost, Educational Outreach), Joshua Beebe and Desza Dominguez (Supervisors, Healthcare Volunteer Services), Ian Jaquiss (Disability Trainer and Community Outreach Coordinator), Reed Keltner (Supervisor, Environmental Services), Bryan Mendesdacosta and Nathan Richardson (Support Services Aides) and Esperanza Zozobrado (Director, Sterile Processing) were inspiring and encouraging.  YTP looks forward to building a great partnership and pipeline for future OHSU employees.
Photos of the event are posted below.


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