This site is contracted to serve 40 students during the 19-21 biennium.

There are two transition specialists assigned to this site:

Naomi Keinath-Bledsoe:

Kathi Morris:

If you work with someone who experiences ADD or AD/HD, Kathi Morris has shared a link "Help a Kid Out" below.

Kathi Morris also received a $250 Reynolds Education Foundation Grant to allow students to get a haircut for their first big job interview. The award letter and proposal are posted below.

Read about the amazing collaborative idea Kathi Morris and Cathy Noles (Corbett YTP) had to hold a "Life Expo" at Corbett School. Link is posted below!

VR Branch That Serves This Site: 
305 NE 102nd Avenue
Suite 200
Portland, OR 97220-4173
United States
Phone Number(s): 
1-866-808-4857 (TTY)