This site is contracted to serve 125 students during the 19-21 biennium.
There are seven transition specialists assigned to this site:
Priscilla Gest: (serving South Salem High School)  
EMPTY POSITION (serving McKay High School)
Anna Rogers: (serving McNary High School)
Birgitte Scholz: (serving Community Transition/Alternative Education Programs)
Daniel Dexter: (serving Sprague High School)
Vassa Motes: (serving North Salem High School)
Karla Canida: (serving West Salem High School)

VR Branch That Serves This Site: 
1701 Liberty St. SE
Salem, OR 97302-5158
United States
Phone Number(s): 
503-378-2483 (Voice)
503-373-7549 (FAX)
1-866-812-8233 (TTY)