Referral and Application

Each Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) may add but not subtract any of the documents In the Referral and Application section.
For VR to provide substantial services, each student will need to have an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).  For the VR plan to be written, students need to identify an employment goal.  Discuss student vocational themes with your VRC to ensure the employment goal can be supported by VR.

  • Interests:  Why did the student choose this employment goal?
  • Priorities:  What are the student’s concerns about working?
  • Resources/Supports:  What resources or support systems does the student have that will help them obtain employment?
  • Strengths/Abilities/Capabilities/Transferable Skills:  What skills does this student bring to this vocational goal?  What are they good at and enjoy?

The student should have the opportunity to practice informed choice throughout the VR process!
Remember, the student needs to be an active participant in this process. It is encouraged that students include a self-reflection when appropriate. 
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