Youth Work Experience Programs for Students with Disabilities RFA DHS-4448-17 Available!

The goal is to develop a work experience program that increases job opportunities for young people with disabilities. Applicants must demonstrate a sustainable summer work experience program that supports student employment and higher education preparation as well as community engagement. The funds are available on a rolling basis from the date of the posting for the solicitation (4/25/2017) until the closing of the opportunity on 6/1/2018.

Summer work experiences for students are supervised, school-coordinated activities which provide opportunities for students to achieve employment-related competencies in a workplace environment. These activities extend the classroom into the workplace and are related to students’ career interests. Examples of these activities include: paid summer jobs, job shadowing, volunteering, internships, apprenticeships, work readiness, and much more.

These funds are available for YTP, Non-YTP sites, and possibly other providers as well.  Please note that if you have excess in your YTP budget, that you should consider using those before applying for funding via this stream.  

Special Note: On March 16, 2018 an addendum was issued for this opportunity changing the Sole Point of Contact (SPC) from Brenda Pearson to Louie Thomas. Louie Thomas' contact information is: Phone: (503) 945-5848 and email:

Below are comments, for historical reference, from Brenda Pearson, who was the original Sole Point of Contact (SPC: exactly the same role as Ron Dickens is for RFGP DHS-4304-17, the YTP RFGP for the 17-19 biennium) for this opportunity.

This is an ORPINposting and you would locate it the same way you did for the YTP RFGP:

"Heather Lindsey, from Oregon Department of Human Services, has asked that we notify you of solicitation number DHS-4448-17 in ORPIN

This opportunity is intended to yield Summer Work Experience services for Students with a variety of disabilities; please see the notice in ORPIN for details.  

This is a joint cooperative procurement between the Department of Education, the Department of Human Services, and Oregon Health Authority. We are using the Request for Application (RFA) process and anticipate awarding multiple Price Agreements (Contracts) on an ongoing basis. These three agencies may use the Price Agreements (Contracts) awarded.  

Please review the Request for Application DHS-4448-17 posted on ORPIN, direct all questions to me as the sole point of contact via email, and ensure that all application materials submitted electronically receive a receipt and are also receipted as delivered manually to my office (the Office of Contracts and Procurement) as outlined within the RFA instructions."

If you have questions about RFA-DHS-4448-17, please contact (see below) Louie Thomas, Office of Contracts & Procurement (503) 945-5848; Brenda Pearson, Office of Contracts & Procurement, (503) 945-6273; Louie Thomas is the current SPC for this opportunity.

All inquiries about this RFA will have to go through Louie Thomas Brenda Pearson not through your YTP Technical Assistance Providers (TAPS).

On 5/19/2017 the original SPC wrote:

"Please note that the Addenda posted in ORPIN requested that all electronic applications be sent to me via Email rather than posted in ORPIN. The RFA requested that both an electronic copy and a manual copy be submitted.

We posted the addenda upon learning the ORPIN system will not release the documents to me until the close date of the RFA so email and manual copies are the only way that I will be able to review those documents. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience. 

We look forward to reviewing applications as soon as possible when I receive them via email."