YTP Reports to VR

The attached reports (attached in both Word and PDF) are a chronological archive (old to new) of Quarterly Reports submitted to OVRS regarding the Technical Assistance Activities provided by the University of Oregon's Technical Assistance Team and the YTP Management Team since September 2009.

At the end of each biennium, the University of Oregon Technical Assistance Team submits a report to OVRS summarizing performance over the past biennium. Those reports are also attached below in both Word and PDF and represent the 2007-2009 Biennium and a Mid-Biennium Fact Sheet submitted to OVRS during the 2009-2011 biennium.

Finally, there are attached reports representing mid-biennium progress surveys submitted by both School and OVRS staff.

The purpose of these surveys is to allow YTP practitioners to report on the overall "health" of their particular program. The reports represent a summarization of those results.

Being able to view, read, and understand the scope of work that the Technical Assistance and Management Team provides to YTP sites and the YTP network may suggest best practice priorities and program development philosophies resulting in "state of the art" transition services.